AGEO App: make your city safer

What is AGEO App?

AGEO app is a app designed to monitor geohazards in the Atlantic Area as a part of AGEO Project. It was created as a joined effort between partners from 5 different countries to improve safety and preparedness to geohazards through cooperation with the citizens.

What can I do with the AGEO App?

With the AGEO App you can:

  • Report different types of geohazards
  • Include pictures of the geohazard in the report
  • Provide geolocation of the geohazard
  • Include comments in the reports to provide more information about the risks

What type of geohazards can I report using the AGEO App?

Using the information from our pilot studies, we have identified the most common geohazards in the Atlantic Area:





As we keep monitoring and studying possible risks, new reporting options might be added in future updates.

Download it now and make your city safer