Workshop Copernicus for geohazards in the framework of AGEO

The AGEO partner LNEG (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia), as a Copernicus Academy member, will host a Copernicus for Geohazards workshop in Lisbon the 13th of November of 2019.

The objectives of this workshop are:

  • To provide an overview of the Copernicus space program
  •  Disseminate the role of Copernicus in geohazards risk management
  •  Disseminate the AGEO project
  • To exploit the application of Copernicus data and services to AGEO Citizens Observatories pilots
  • To identify bottlenecks of existent Copernicus data and Services
  • To identify future requirements in Citizens Observatories
  • To strengthen the links among different communities

For more information and for the agenda, click here.

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